Evolution provide an extensive range of innovative Labelling Machines suited to a variety of applications, combining fast production rates with reliable and simple operation.  Labelling stations can integrate bottle orientation via optical spotting, camera or mechanical systems.

Self Adhesive, Cold Glue & Hot Melt Labelling

A combined solution is possible through modular state-of-the-art equipment providing the ultimate flexible future proof solution to your labelling.  Modular labelling machines can have 3 to 5 labelling stations accommodating self-adhesive, cold glue and hot melt options suited to a range of applications.  It provides the flexibility to accommodate different needs, and to integrate additional modular stations when needs evolve.  This solution can accommodate production speeds of up to 60,000 bph.



ADHESLEEVE uses pre-glued roll-fed films, with reduced thickness compared to classic roll-fed labellers. This innovative technology eliminates hot melt, eliminates fumes and harmful products required to clean glue residues, thus achieving improved environmental and ecological standards. Available also with thermal shrinking, this technology brings remarkable savings thanks to the option of creating a Sleeve-type packaging with one labelling machine, only by changing the type of film.