Working with Logics and Controls we provide a complete range of state of the art, technologically advanced inspection equipment for all parts of the bottling line: empty bottle inspection, fill level, label & closure inspection and check weighing.


Logilook controls the labeling quality, checking the bottle "clothing" with a single high resolution camera with Logics & Controls' unique special optical unit. The camera captures the full label in a single image, regardless of the bottle orientation, capturing the presence, position, angle, graphical content and integrity of the labels. It is possible also to check lot codes, bar codes, small details and colours. Logilook also includes a user friendly interface for creating a new format or quickly loading a previously saved one.



Logiclosure checks the closure of containers, plastic or glass, ensuring that the cap and guarantee ring are in the correct position. The high resolution camera, combined with Logics & Controls special parallel beam optical system, ensures extremely precise measurements at any point of the image, without perspective distortion.



Logiweight checks the weight of the crates, boxes, bundles, and kegs, precisely detecting those that do not conform due to missing containers or because the containers themselves are incomplete.